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Bruce Willis to Star in New Gambling Film

'Lay the Favorite, Take the Dog' in Pre-Production


Bruce Willis. Credit: Rumors have been circulating online this week regarding the cast for the screen adaptation of the 2010 novel Lay the Favorite: A Memoir of Gambling, by Beth Raymer.

According to the Internet Movie Database ( Rebecca Hall, Justin Timberlake, and Bruce Willis will appear in the film which will be titled Lay the Favorite, Take the Dog. The film is listed as in “pre-production.”

In 2007, Focus Features and Random House Films acquired the rights to produce a movie adaptation of Raymer’s book. Stephen Frears, who has made films such as The Queen and High Fidelity, is listed as the film’s director.

According to, the movie will be a drama-comedy centered on a woman in her 30s who becomes involved with a group of geeky middle-aged men who have found a way to work the sports betting system in Las Vegas to their advantage. Willis will star as the lead bookmaker, Dink Heimowitz.



over 10 years ago

Hopefully someone will tell Bruce that it is OK to tip a dealer now and then. Perhaps then the dealers in Vegas will stop saying, "got Bruced" when they get stiffed by a cheap gambler.