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Chris DeMaci Leads Final 19 at PokerStars NAPT Los Angeles Main Event

Final 19 Includes Jason Mercier, Michael Binger, Anh Van Nguyen and Joe Tehan


Chris DeMaciA total of 81 players returned to the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles for day 3 of the 2010 North American Poker Tour main event. With two scheduled days remaining, we are now down to the final 19 competitors.

Leading the way is Chris DeMaci, better known by his online handle “RuberbandMan.” DeMaci is the run away chip leader thanks to the two coolers that went his way. Both times, his pocket aces held against an opponent’s pocket queens. He will begin day 4 with nearly 3.8 million in chips, which is good for roughly 157 big blinds.

Jason MercierTeam PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier currently resides in third place thanks to a fortunate race against Jake Toole. Mercier was all in holding K-J against Toole’s pocket tens and a jack hit the river to give him new life. Over the course of the day, Mercier increased his stack from a starting point of 158,000 to 2.15 million.

Fourth place belongs to Michael Binger, who also used K-J to his advantage, although his hand wasn’t a coinflip. Binger got lucky to make two pair against a dominating A-K to win a 1.5 million pot towards the end of the night. He bagged up with just over 2 million.

Michael BingerOther notables still in contention include the aforementioned Toole, Joe Tehan, Anthony Nardi, Matt Affleck, Ray Henson, Team PokerStars Pro Anh Van Nguyen, PokerStars Team Online Pro George Lind and day 2 chip leader Jimmie Guinther.

The action will resume Tuesday at 1 p.m. local time when the final 19 players return to battle down to the final table of eight and stay in contention for the first-place prize of $725,000.

Here’s a complete look at the chip counts.

Rank Player Name Chip Count
1 Christopher DeMaci 3,783,000
2 Micah Raskin 2,356,000
3 Jason Mercier 2,150,000
4 Michael Binger 2,026,000
5 Jake Toole 1,881,000
6 Joe Tehan 1,250,000
7 Jimmie Guinther 1,099,000
8 Anh Van Nguyen 834,000
9 Anthony Nardi 800,000
10 Jonathan Gagnon-Villeneuve 711,000
11 Carlos Watanabe 678,000
12 Joseph Melancon 660,000
13 George Lind III 538,000
14 Matt Affleck 447,000
15 Al Grimes 428,000
16 Thomas Young 390,000
17 Carl Beliveau 348,000
18 Ray Henson 326,000
19 Alan Myerson 317,000