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Online Poker -- Cake Poker Launches The Exchange

Marketplace Created for Gold Cards


Cake Poker Launched The Exchange!Just more than a week ago, Cake Poker announced the launch of The Exchange — a player-to-player marketplace where Gold Cards can be bought and sold.

Gold Cards are collectibles that are randomly distributed at all cash games. Gold Cards can be used for tournament entries and now can be sold for cash at The Exchange. The marketplace allows players to sell their cards or purchase the ones of other players. More than 60,000 Gold Cards have been sold on The Exchange since its launch.

“I am more excited about The Exchange than any promotion or feature I’ve seen in seven years in the online poker business,” Cake card room manager Lee Jones wrote in a press release. “We are giving our players a virtually open market in which to buy and sell Gold Cards. I expect to see that market quickly find fair prices for all the Gold Cards and we’ve already seen arbitrageurs trading to profit from Card price fluctuations.”

If you don’t have a Cake Poker account but would like to compete for Gold Cards, click on the banner below. Card Player readers are eligible for a deposit bonus of up to $600.

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