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Bling-Bling: Redesigned Gold WSOP Bracelets Flush with Diamonds

The Main Event Bracelet is Full of Sapphires and Rubies as Well


Players lucky and good enough to win a World Series of Poker bracelet this year will be doubly lucky. They will be the first group of players to receive a newly designed WSOP bracelet that features white gold and plenty of diamonds.

Forty-five bracelets will be won this year, and all but one will be exactly the same. Each winner receives a bracelet made of 14-karat yellow gold and enhanced with full-cut white diamonds. The center plaques are hand-set with 66 diamonds weighing one-third of a carat and is supported by roughly 35 grams of a solid diamond cut rope chain.

The winner of the main event receives a bracelet unlike the other 44. It will also be made of 14-karat gold, but the center plaque will be filled with more diamonds than Marilyn Monroe would know what to do with.

The WSOP champion's bracelet will be set with 170 hand-picked diamonds weighing more than six carats. The bracelet's center features uniquely shaped precious color stones to represent the suit designs: a heart-shaped ruby for the heart suit, a princess cut-shaped ruby for the diamond suit, a black sapphire for the spade suit and three round black diamonds for the club suit.

And talk about bling-bling. The bracelet's plaque is supported by roughly 58 grams of solid diamond cut rope chain.

"It's impossible to overstate the value of a World Series of Poker gold bracelet to anyone who takes the game seriously: It is the equivalent of winning the Stanley Cup in hockey or the Lombardi Trophy in football," said WSOP Commissioner Jeffrey Pollack in a press release. "The champion's bracelet at the 37th annual World Series of Poker will be the best ever - something the winner will take pride in for a lifetime."

Harrah's also announced that TRITON Jewelry, a division of Frederick Goldman, Inc., had developed the bracelets as well as a specialized line of jewelry for men and women modeled on its design.

The new line, which will consist of pendants, bracelets, cuff links, rings, a key ring and a money clip, will feature the WSOP logo and be thematically consistent with the champion's bracelet. The new line of jewelry will be available at independent jewelers and merchants in the Fall.