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World Series of Poker Circuit -- $10,000 Regional Championship Day 2

David Paredes Dominates as the Field Plays Down to the Money


David ParadesThere are certain tournament days where one player’s fortunes echo the narrative of the day. On day 2 of the 2010 World Series of Poker Circuit $10,000 Regional Championship at the Horseshoe Hammond Casino just outside of Chicago that player was David Paredes. He started strong and built his stack to take the chip lead by eliminating three of the most talented players in the event, taking out Vanessa Selbst, Jason Mercier, and Kevin Saul.

After dinner he held 735,000 when the blinds were 2,400, but as the money bubble approached and play slowed to anemic levels of inaction he got caught in the quagmire and lost some chips. He still ended the night with 539,000. His time of loss was one of gain for fellow professionals Curt Kohlberg and Justin Smith. They each grew their stacks noticeably during the late stages of the day and ended the night with 704,000, and 491,000 respectively.

It is a relative unknown though, who leads the final 24 into day 3 tomorrow at 1 p.m. CST with the chip lead, and that is John Patgorski with 729,000. All 24 remaining players are guaranteed $19,400, but they will be looking to make the final table, big prize money, and television exposure that awaits those lucky enough to survive to Thursday. Eliminations should fall quick out of the gates early tomorrow because a lot of players were happy to just limp into the money tonight and ride the highway to the danger zone in terms of chips.

Other notables still in the hunt include Steve Zolotow, Adam Levy, Bernard Lee, David Baker, Brandon Adams, David Sands, Mohsin Charania, Keven Stammen, and Shannon Shorr.

Here are the chip counts heading into tomorrow:

1st John Patgorski 729,000
2nd Curt Kohlberg 704,000
3rd David Paredes 539,000
4th Justin Smith 491,000
5th Dan Perper 482,000
6th Keven Stammen 400,000
7th Steve Zolotow 371,000
8th Mark Owens 343,000
9th David Baker 339,000
10th Shannon Shorr 328,000
11th Brandon Adams 269,000
12th James Anderson 252,000
13th David Sands 247,000
14th Chris Klodnicki 236,000
15th Ryan Julius 215,000
16th Adam Levy 146,000
17th Bernard Lee 142,000
18th David Adkison 141,000
19th Anthony Hartmann 111,000
20th Jeremy Schwartz 68,000
21st Ryan Austin 66,000
22nd Shawn Busse 59,000
23rd Kevin Dooley 51,000
24th Mohsin Charania 50,000

Card Player will feature live updates, chip counts, photos, and videos from CardPlayer TV throughout day 3 of this marquee event tomorrow. Be sure the check back in at that time.

Here is a look at the statistic and highlights from day 2:

Notable Day 2 Eliminations: Nick Binger, Allen Kessler, Jason Mercier, Steve O’Dwyer, Vanessa Selbst, Kathy Liebert, Chad Batista, Eric Froehlich, Kevin Saul, Joseph Elpayaa, Chris Bell, Matt Stout, Nenad Medic, Barry Greenstein, Blair Hinkle, Chad Brown, Chris Moore, Brock Parker, and WSOP Circuit $1,500 main event champion Kurt Jewell

Here is a look at some of the big hands from the day as featured in’s live updates:

Jason MercierDavid Paredes Busts Jason Mercier

David Paredes raised to 2,400 from early position and Jason Mercier reraised to 6,700 behind him. The blinds folded and Paredes made the call.

The flop came down 6Club Suit 3Diamond Suit 2Spade Suit and Paredes checked. Mercier bet 7,300 and Paredes check-raised to 17,500. Mercier called and the turn was the AHeart Suit.

Paredes bet 19,200 and Mercier called. The river was the JClub Suit and Paredes bet enough to put Mercier all in for his last 50,000 or so. Mercier eventually called with A-4 and Paredes showed 3Club Suit 3Heart Suit for a set.

Mercier was eliminated and Paredes moved up to about 200,000 in chips.

Vanessa SelbstVanessa Selbst Doubles Up Opponent and then is Busted by Paredes

On a flop that read 9Club Suit 4Heart Suit 2Diamond Suit Vanessa Selbst bet 8,300 from the cutoff and the hijack raised to 25,000. Selbst reraised to 90,000 and her opponent made the all-in call for 51,000. Their cards:

Selbst: 9Spade Suit 7Spade Suit
Opponent: JDiamond Suit JSpade Suit

Turn and River: QHeart Suit and 3Spade Suit

Selbst fell to 95,000 after the hand and she busted a few hands later against David Paredes. Selbst moved all in with trip nines but Paredes held queen’s full and Selbst was eliminated.

Kevin Saul Eliminated by David Paredes

Kevin Saul was eliminated after he turned the nut flush. David Paredes made a set of queens on the turn and the board paired on the river to give Paredes the full house. Saul exited the tournament and Paredes grew his stack to 340,000.

He has cut his path to the chip lead the hard way today, eliminating three of the best players in the tournament in the process. He has now taken out Saul in addition to Vanessa Selbst and Jason Mercier.

Barry Greenstein Eliminated

Barry Greenstein raised to 4,000 from the hijack and Dan Perper reraised to 12,500 from the button.

Greenstein moved all in and Perper made the call with pocket queens. Greenstein showed A-Q, but failed to connect on a board reading K-7-5-7-5. Perper now has 187,000 in chips.

Brock ParkerBrock Parker Eliminated in 26th Place

Brock Parker moved all in on a flop that read KDiamond Suit 8Heart Suit 4Diamond Suit and Steve Zolotow reraised all in behind him. Their cards:

Zolotow: ADiamond Suit ASpade Suit
Parker: KSpade Suit JDiamond Suit

Turn and Fluvial River: 3Spade Suit and 6Diamond Suit

Parker was eliminated in 26th place on the hand.

Cero Zuccarello Eliminated on the Money Bubble

Cero Zuccarello got the last of his chips into the middle preflop and Justin Smith made the call. Their cards:

Zuccarello: AClub Suit QHeart Suit
Smith: ADiamond Suit 4Diamond Suit

Board: 9Heart Suit 5Diamond Suit 4Heart Suit 6Spade Suit 8Heart Suit

Zuccarello was eliminated in 25th place and with his bustout the money bubble burst and play ended for the night.