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Stacked is All-In

Stacked Video Game Debuts


Stacked is finally on the shelves. Daniel Negreanu and Mylan Media's long-awaited release should find an immediate audience thanks to its partnership with the newly formed MTV Games. The monstrous television network is set to air its half hour special looked at the game on MTV 2, Friday, June 2 and Saturday, June 3 at 9PM (Eastern/Pacific). The group will also eventually broadcast several live multi-table online tournaments.

Available for Xbox, PS2, and PCs, Stacked crosses the gaming platforms with ease and with a modest price of $29.99, should provide a lot of bang for its buck. With what looks to be the most powerful Artificial Intelligence component on the poker video game market, Stacked should give all other titles more than a run for their money.

Filmed on location at the Aladdin Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, the special is set to features content on "Kid Poker" and a host of other celebrities having fun while getting in on some action.

"Stacked brings the excitement and strategy of professional poker into your home," said Ken Woo, producer at Myelin Media. "Whether playing alone against the game's realistic learning AI or online against real world opponents, you will feel the same exhilaration with every big bet, bluff and victory as if you were at the final table of a high stakes tournament."

Poker's crossover success to mainstream America is almost ensured by this fusion of poker and a massive media agent like MTV. According to executive vice president of Program Enterprises Jeff Yapp, MTV's new role in the video game industry was a perfect fit for Stacked. "MTV Games was formed with the vision of creating and promoting original video game IP and unique gaming experiences that encapsulate the passions and interests of the MTV audience."