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A Friend Disagreed About Preparing To Negotiate

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Feb 26, 2020


Preston Oade is my friend and occasional writing partner. He’s a winning tournament player and the author of an excellent book: The Art and Science of Poker Tournament Selection: Choosing the Games that Best Match Your Play. An earlier column reported a deal he negotiated very well. I asked him to comment on my last column, “Preparing to Negotiate Tournament Deals.” His comments shocked and educated me. Preston’s Comments “Alan, I have never prepared to negotiate a deal at the final table. It’s counterproductive. I’m not there to negotiate, but to win. Or at least finish in the top three places, which is where the real money is. This goal requires all of my efforts and thoughts. “I have played hundreds of final tables and speak from experience. Attitude is huge. Fatigue sets in. Focus wanders. Determination is essential. You need to fight to win. The WILL TO WIN is ...

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