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The Ante-Only Structure, Positional Considerations, And The Impact On Preflop Strategies

by Kevin Haney |  Published: May 08, 2019


Short Deck Hold’em utilizes a very unique structure that helps facilitate action while also allowing for a multitude of different, yet successful strategies for the opening round of betting. In the ante-only structure, everyone except the button antes once while the button is forced to make a double ante. The preflop action starts to the left of the button and that person has the option to fold, put in one more ante, or raise to any amount they wish. Each person in turn then has the option to fold, match the current bet, or raise or re-raise. The first person to limp is getting a tremendous 7:1 on their money while the odds and position get better for each player in succession. For example, suppose it is the 1,000-ante level in a six-handed game. Everyone antes 1,000 except for the button who antes 2,000. The UTG player then has the ...

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