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More About Odds And Hold

by Ed Miller |  Published: Feb 27, 2019


In my last article, I talked about how to read the American Odds format that is most popular in the US and told you to convert all odds directly to break-even percentages before trying to use them. In this article I’ll cover a few other important points about odds that are fundamental to learning to bet sports intelligently. Decimal and Fractional Odds We Americans like to be different. We like our inches and pounds and pints and Fahrenheit. The rest of the world thinks we’re a bit nuts. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the rest of the world thinks we’re a bit nuts about how we do sports betting as well. Instead of the American odds system, they tend to use two other systems called decimal and fractional odds. You may see these formats here as well, so it’s worth a few paragraphs to become familiar with them. ...

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