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Exploiting Rocks’ Fears: Part Two

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Dec 05, 2018


Part One said that Rocks are so afraid of losing that they just sit there, doing nothing. This column tells you how to exploit their fear of losing. The stronger that fear is, the larger adjustments you should make. Some of these recommendations apply only to extreme Rocks, the most frightened ones. Against less extreme players make smaller adjustments. Control Your Own Emotions Self-control is always important, but it’s particularly important with Rocks. Because they are pathologically tight-passive, you can’t understand them, and playing with them is really boring. Your confusion and boredom can cause serious mistakes. If you yield to those feelings, you’ll misread their cards and give them too much action. Since they don’t gamble with you, don’t gamble with them. If you gamble, and they don’t, they will beat you; it’s just that simple. Sit On Their Right They are the ideal opponents to have there. You ...

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