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Ocean’s 11 Celebrates 20 Years Of Being Top Spot To Play

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Jan 04, 2017


In January 1997, Ocean’s 11 opened with its feet barely beneath it. Like a new-born colt, it wasn’t sure which direction it was headed. Renting less than half of a converted bowling alley, it had no idea where it would find itself in a year, much less 20 years later. Even its leader, Haig Kelegian Sr., aka: The King of Clubs, always the optimist, could not have imagined the poker explosion that would propel the club into the future. Despite the early uncertainty, as soon as the boom hit, Haig and his partners Bob Carter, Dan Dreger, and Walter Lack knew Ocean’s 11 would be in it for the long haul and cemented its position in San Diego by purchasing the property and doubling the size of the operation. Reflecting on the last 20 years, Haig Kelegian recognizes the unique position that Ocean’s 11 has been in for two decades. ...

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