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Discipline: Part 12 – Bankroll Continued

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Jan 20, 2016


I am nearing the end of this series of columns on discipline. So far I have discussed avoiding tilt, finding good situations, physical conditioning, and mental conditioning. The last two columns discussed the topic of building and maintaining a bankroll. It is impossible to succeed as a professional poker player (or in any profession that involves dealing with risking your capital in situations where is outcome is uncertain, like trading options) without being able to manage your bankroll. This requires knowing what to do and the discipline to do. These are my first two rules of bankroll management: Steve Zee’s Bankroll Rules: 1. The larger your bankroll is, the less risk you should take. 2. Always know how much you can risk. In this column, I am going add the third rule: The more unlikely winning is, the less you should risk. It is very easy to go astray trying ...

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