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Head Games: Common Mistakes Tournament Pros Make When Transitioning to Cash Games

With Greg Merson, Trevor Pope, and Melanie Weisner

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Sep 30, 2015


Craig Tapscott: Can you share some of what you have learned over the years that is essential for a player to understand regarding the types of boards on the flop? Greg Merson: Three biggest mistakes would be overplaying A-K and K-K (these are common hands to get in from basically all positions in a multi-table tournament (MTT), but change drastically when you’re more than 300 big-binds (BBs) deep). Secondly, I believe tournament players normally don’t have the patience to grind, therefore, I think if they have that issue then it’s probably better to play online, where the pace of play is faster. Third, I think they have major tilt issues when they are stuck. Since the blinds don’t go up and it’s harder to get your chips back as fast, I tend to see a lot of them sort of lose their mind on tilt. Trevor Pope: The biggest mistake ...

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