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If You’re Spendin’ More Than You’re Makin’ Then You’re Fixin’ To Go Broke

by Bryan Devonshire |  Published: Jan 08, 2014


The tournament trail has always been an alluring path to follow for any poker player. You get the opportunity to travel to any corner of the world for work. Costs become tax deductions, vacations become business trips. Success brings notoriety, money, and the rare sponsorship deal. However, traveling the tournament trail is expensive. Everything adds up, and with rakes rising and return on investment (ROI) falling, turning a profit on the tournament trail is becoming increasingly difficult. If playing poker professionally, your primary concern should always be to put yourself in the place that will yield the greatest hourly rate. Often your gross hourly rate is greater in places far from home, so the trick is evaluating whether the greater hourly rate is enough to compensate for the cost in money and time of getting there. It is important to objectively evaluate what our actual hourly rates are, and that ...

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