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Paddy’s Corner: Irish Stu

by Padraig Parkinson |  Published: Jun 01, 2013


On our recent tour of Ireland, Scott Gray and I visited casinos, clubs, pubs and backrooms all over Ireland, playing with guys who play for the love of the game. It was great craic. At every venue, we were giving away 888 gear as spot prizes to the bubble, high hand, 7-2 winners etc… but in Claremorris, a guy suggested the main prize go to the first guy who had to go to the cash machine. That’s the Irish for you. We were asked all the usual questions like “How good is Ivey?” and “Is Helmuth for real?” etc… but I was surprised at how many guys wanted to talk about the great Stu Ungar. I’d only played an hour or two with him, which was fine by me. His buddy Mike Sexton had advised me to stay well out of his way and I did. Scott had played with ...

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