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Stop the No-Limit Insanity

by Matt Matros |  Published: May 15, 2013


Ten short years ago, the World Series of Poker consisted of 33 open events, only six of which were no-limit hold’em tournaments. I don’t think it will shock anyone to learn that things have changed, but I doubt many realize just how drastic is the difference. In 2013, there will be 34 open no-limit hold’em events at the WSOP — more than all the 2003 open events combined. Sure, some of this year’s no-limit events are heads-up, or shorthanded, or ante-only, but they’re still no-limit events, aimed squarely at players who already love the game. Here’s my idea: why not spread more tournaments for games other than no-limit, and bring in as many new players as possible to the WSOP? This year’s WSOP features one fewer seven-card-stud event than last year (a $1,500 buy-in and a $5,000 buy-in have been replaced by a single $2,500 event). Also taken off the ...

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