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Sole Survivor

by Ian Simpson |  Published: May 01, 2013


Good Decisions If you’ve been playing online for as long as I have (since about one minute into my 18th birthday) you will have no doubt noticed the change in trends when it comes to bet sizing. Back in the day x3 the blind was the preflop raise size. Except with a tricky, but strong hand like pocket tens or jacks, and then it was x4 (Exploitable much?). As the game evolved x2.5 became the norm. With the sound reasoning that it reduced the pot size when called and hence reduced the variance. It also meant that anyone threebetting you would be doing so for a smaller amount making it easier for you to either call or re-raise. A little later and x2.25 became the norm or even just a “click” raise to x2 the big blind, with the same reasoning as above but combined with more people learning that ...

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