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My Old Notebook — Part III

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Mar 01, 2013


This piece continues my series of articles based on hands from a notebook I found in my old room at my parents’ house during a trip home this summer. Times have changed and it’s an interesting look at how they have changed. We are looking at hands played by a winning player over a pretty large sample size. My 2004 self would not be a winning player in the games I play in today. Here’s an example of a hand from my notebook that would have gone differently if I played it today: Middle position and late position players call, I raise on the button with A 5. Both blinds fold and we take the flop three ways. This is a standard situation I see in the game I play in now, after a few middle position or late position players limp, I have a suited ace on the button. ...

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