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A Little Help From Your Friends

It has often been said that “poker takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master.”

by Bernard Lee |  Published: Feb 20, 2013


From tight/aggressive to loose/passive, there are various playing styles to learn. From playing on the money bubble to Independent Chip Model, there are multiple strategies to integrate into your game. From floating the flop to the squeeze play, there are numerous intriguing moves to master. Additionally, the game is ever evolving and has rapidly changed over the past decade since the “Moneymaker Effect.” A move that was bold and brazen just a few years ago may be commonplace in today’s poker world. With countless variables in a rapidly advancing game, poker is so complex that it is almost impossible to master. To improve one’s game, players have turned to live seminars, private poker lessons and online training sites. While all of these options provide viable opportunities to improve one’s game, I strongly believe that everyone must incorporate one specific training tool to their game: poker friends. Poker is inherently an ...

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