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A Poker Life -- Terrence Chan

by Julio Rodriguez |  Published: Jan 01, 2013


Terrence Chan pays his bills by playing poker. He’s been doing it since 2004. But he doesn’t consider himself to be a full-time poker pro. Chan also competes as a professional mixed martial artist. He’s been doing it for the last couple years. But he doesn’t consider himself to be a professional fighter either. Truth be told, the 31-year-old Canadian has pretty diverse interests, much more than consumes the typical poker player these days and Chan credits this balance for his longevity in a career that has produced thousands of has-beens and one-hit wonders. Poker Beginnings Chan was born in Vancouver on Dec. 8, 1980 to a middle class family of immigrants. His parents didn’t come to Canada with very much, but they worked hard to provide him with a childhood full of opportunities. Chan’s parents expected the typical things from their son that most parents expect. They wanted him ...

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