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PokerStars Go Full Tilt Ahead Pro’s Opinions On The PS/FT Deal

by Rebecca McAdam |  Published: Nov 01, 2012


Poker players from all over the globe were asked the following questions regarding the PokerStars takeover of Full Tilt and what it could mean; In your opinion is it good for poker? Is it good for players? How do you feel about it in general? What do you think it will be like when both are up and running again? How will Full Tilt rebrand itself? How likely is it to be a success? Most were only too pleased to voice their opinion, and this is what they said. Ben Wilinofsky I think it’s definitely good for poker and good for the players. In the first place, making sure everyone is reimbursed, casual and serious players alike, is really important. For the casual players, it will hopefully bring back some of the faith they had in online poker. The number two complaint among casual players, after not believing that the ...

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