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Crushing Live Poker With Twitter

by Bart Hanson |  Published: Oct 31, 2012


Sept. 4 – Its better to bet bigger on the turn if you will be forced to pay off the river due to stack sizes. Typically, when you are playing smaller, live no-limit games buy-ins are capped or are for a fixed amount. In southern California you can run into some really ridiculous structures sometimes restricting your buy-in to only forty big blinds. But even in more common 100 big blind buy-in games, because live players tend to raise larger preflop and multiway action is common, you often will get into tough spots because the pots are inflated. Smaller stacked no-limit is supposed to be easier than deeper stack play, right? Well, not in these all-in or fold situations. The problem arises when you have less than two pot size bets left and are value betting a hand when your opponent is likely to be on a draw. Sometimes if ...

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