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How Real is Your Brain

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Oct 31, 2012


I’d been having a bad run of cards and found myself “paying off” loads of situations with the worst hand. During that terrible run, like most people, I didn’t have my usual high level of confidence in my decisions. But, I certainly wasn’t on tilt. I had made numerous payoffs because the Bellagio $40-$80 limit hold’em games had been playing fast and furious with numerous big pots. And you don’t want to lose big pots by folding a winner for one bet. Additionally, many of the $40-$80 Bellagio players have extremely larcenous hearts; they’ll try and rob you every chance they get. Intuitively, I thought that I was “paying off” too much, losing too many bets in situations I felt I should have been able to read better. I was associating my lack of success paying off with myself misjudging situations. Then, feeling a situation didn’t “smell right” I paid ...

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