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Head Games: Should I Go Crazy During the Rebuy Period of Tournaments? It All Depends.

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jul 01, 2012


Craig Tapscott: What’s the best advice for the rebuy period of play in tournaments? You see some players go crazy and shipping it all-in with any two cards during live or online events to build a stack. And many others are just playing premium hands. What’s the best way to approach this period? James Campbell: Your table dynamics determine the proper way to play the rebuy period. If I have a table that likes to gamble then it can be a lot of fun and I enjoy mixing it up with everyone else. Back in 2006, 2007 you were able to build monster stacks in the rebuy period online because the games were good, everyone else was bad. So if you were able to build a big stack during the rebuy period and you could continue to put pressure on people throughout the tournament, it was a huge advantage. Nowadays ...

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