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The Longest Year

by Matt Matros |  Published: Jan 25, 2012


2011 was the most trying year we’ve had in the modern era of poker. There’s no getting around it. The past twelve months saw the major online cardrooms closed off to Americans, and that unfortunate fact will forever mark this period in our game’s history. As of this writing, Full Tilt Poker customers have still not been paid their account balances, to which they lost access on Black Friday. Many American pros have scrambled to uproot their lives and play online poker overseas. Others, like myself, are simply waiting it out in the States, playing what brick-and-mortar poker we can until the online version returns. In short, it’s been a long year. But in a way, the tumultuous events of 2011 perfectly illustrate the point of this year-end column I’ve been doing since 2005. Poker is a trying game, and psychologically we are wired to feel losses more acutely than ...

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