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Sole Survivor: Irish Poker Festival Part I

by Niall Smyth |  Published: Jan 01, 2012


Day two [at the Killarney Irish Poker Festival] started like the previous one with Barry waking me to get up and go play the tournament. He was unlucky to be out the previous day when he got it all in with A-A v A-K for a 100,000 pot after five levels. I again inform him that I’ll just skip the first two levels and go down at 3.30 p.m. but I get up with little resistance this time. I should probably take this moment to thank Barry Kilbane for getting me to play this tournament cause without him I surely wouldn’t have made day one or day two. However, after the first two hours I wish he had left me in bed because in the midst of trying to use my big stack I had lost 50,000 in chips. I didn’t get any beats just picked constant bad spots, in ...

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