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Building A Big One

Building A Big One

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Nov 01, 2011


Deciding when and how to build big pots is a key to maximizing your edge. This concept is hugely important in no-limit, but also has significant value in limit games. Good players take into account how the hand will play, what level of volume and action they desire, the styles of their opponents and their own image in deciding how to manipulate the pot’s player volume and size. Their final conclusion can be only an educated best guess estimate as the variables are endless. But the fact that you’re thinking in these conceptual terms will put your decisions ahead of most of your opponents. The chips were flying in the Bellagio’s late Saturday night $40-80 limit hold’em game. The game was on total tilt with several super-stuckees getting into raising wars pretty much every hand. Under the gun, I looked down at A Q and mulled over my best play. ...

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