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Paddy’s Corner - Onward Through the Fog

by Padraig Parkinson |  Published: Feb 01, 2011


My father spent his money sending me to college to study economics but what with being very busy doing this and that I didn’t have the time to learn very much, especially economics. Personally, I blame the guy who told me about the all-day poker game in the junior common room but maybe that’s a bit harsh. One of the few things I did learn was that in recessionary times people tend to play super tight and save rather than spend which I gather is considered unhelpful to say the least. At the recent Irish Winter Festival in Dublin I was in the bar at about two in the afternoon in the Burlington having a quiet drink with a friend of mine. Well known Irish pro TC (the T is for Tony) and a couple of friends of his were nearby doing the same (except for the quiet bit). I ...

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