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UK & Ireland Poker Tour

by Nick Heather |  Published: Feb 01, 2011


After all the snow in Dublin I really wasn’t sure if I was gonna make it down to Galway for the UK & Ireland Poker Tour but we managed to get to the train station and from there it was fine. We played a little bit of blind Omaha on the way down (pure gambling) and I lost about €150 to Eoin Olin who actually ended up finishing fifth in the tournament. I’ve always ran pretty terrible at non-skill based games, so it’s just as well I’m not a huge gambler or sports bettor. We arrived at the hotel about 10:30 p.m. and after a quick bit of food I headed for bed as play began at noon the next day. My starting table was extremely soft, full of older Irish players. I chipped up to about 22,000 from the 20,000 starting stack within the first level and we were ...

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