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Paddy’s Corner - Hobson’s Choice

by Padraig Parkinson |  Published: Jan 01, 2011


The International Poker Open owed a lot of its record-breaking success over the last few years to the huge support of continental Europeans, especially the French who turned up mobhanded every time. The actions of many governments in the free world (lol!) put a stop to a lot of foreign players being able to register online but despite this setback the promise of the big time experience at working mans prices (not to mention the inevitable craic to be had) ensured a huge turnout. The man who travelled the furthest to try his luck was my friend Scof from Las Vegas who’d heard that there was fun to be had, especially in the bar. He is undoubtedly the best bar storyteller I’ve ever met and as he has lived in Vegas since 1964 is never stuck for quality material. The pick of his stories over the weekend was one ...

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