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A Memorable Hand

by Daragh Thomas |  Published: Jan 01, 2011


I often find it strange how a human’s memory works. I have played no-limit hold’em sessions where I have played more than 5,000 hands, won (or lost) enough money to go to Paris for the weekend; and afterwards I can literally not remember a single hand I played. But then I play a hand, and for some reason the details of it stay with me for months, or even years afterwards. The hand I’m about to describe occurred a few months ago, against a good friend of mine, Finn O’Sullivan. It occurred in what was supposed to be a very low stakes home game with some relative beginners, but as is often the way, pots escalated sharply as the night wore on. We started off buying in for €10 each, with blinds of 5 cent and 10 cent, but a few hours later myself and Finn had about €400 each. ...

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