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by Roy Brindley |  Published: Dec 01, 2010


Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics For an outsider it is easy to believe all the BS and hype which infers that the big boys, the ones that play in all the outrageously expensive entry events — and win in their turn — are superior to the remaining 99.9 percent of poker players. Sadly, especially for those trying to prove the game is as skilful as golf and tennis where the cream rises to the top and only the best perform on the biggest stages (Wimbledon, the Ryder Cup etc…etc…), the truth is both distasteful and sobering. The vast majority of those partaking in a seemingly never ending stream of massively priced events are purely in receipt of an enviable sponsorship deal — often on the back of a single big win — or are shareholders in a major online poker company. Even the rich businessmen and/or those claiming to be ...

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