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by Roy Brindley |  Published: Nov 01, 2010


Kiwis are a Strange Fruit There are certain questions people ask when they discover you are a poker player: What’s the most you have ever won? What’s the most you have ever lost? What is the worst bad beat you have suffered? Point one is an ongoing project, I refuse to reflect on point two, while point three didn’t actually happen at the poker table. Nevertheless, it was a sick beat in every sense. Some time ago, sat at home late in the evening after losing an obscene amount of money at the foolish and impulsive click of a button, I was contemplating one of two things… Compiling a 30-page thesis on why not to do what your inner demons are telling you — therein refuting the rule that you should go with your gut instinct — or do something that would increase my fledgling affiliate business whilst fulfilling the ...

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