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Here Come the Bad Boys

by Sami Hernesaho |  Published: Nov 01, 2010


Everything is possible in America. A new poker teaching site, that gets its name from the infamous Pelican Bay prison, has recruited Hollywood bad boys Paul Logan and Jason Mewes as their poster boys. When others are trying to polish poker to be presentable, Pelican Bay Poker Club reminds us of the shady past of the king of card games. People have been playing cards for ages in saloons and lumber mills in groups where a revolver and knife beat a royal flush. Pelican Bay Poker Club (PBPC), which takes advantage of this wild reputation, has found two believable hot-heads to represent itself. Jason Mewes and Paul Logan, who have made loads of action packed films, are almost the same in person as they are on the big screen — both are interested in fast cars and motorcycles, tattoos, and other things that belong to a bad boy image. Mewes ...

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