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No-Limit Hold’em — Poker Evolution

by Daragh Thomas |  Published: Sep 01, 2010


Over the last couple of year’s poker has changed a great deal. The watershed moment was the U.S. government passing the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which made it very hard for their citizens to play poker online, thereby vastly reducing the amount of bad players playing online. The average player now understands a lot of important concepts that were only grasped by the better players at the time. One example that springs to mind is checking on the river to a player you feel like is on a draw. Typically, you raise preflop, hit a strong hand on the flop (like an overpair or a set), bet the flop, and turn, getting called the whole way, all the draws miss and you check. Years ago almost no player could resist shoving their stack in hoping you would fold. The two key parts to this hand was to make a ...

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