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Art of Conversation

by David Downing |  Published: Feb 01, 2010


Poker has always been a survival of the fittest type of equation. Evolution in a raw form, yesterday’s heroes are often not even considered today’s make-weights. I can think of many players from when I started who were then considered expert winners and would now just be grist in someone else’s mill; low down in the evolutionary ladder; basically fodder. However, one of the principles of the game that has seemingly stood the test of time, a constant in evolutionary change, is that tight aggressive is a good, low variance style. Play few hands, but play them strong. This approach really hit its high point in the shorthanded no-limit games, probably evolving out of simple set-mining, where you play uber-tight and wait for the donks to donate. Clever players realised that style was exploitable and therefore started to play more hands very strong, the set-without-the-set, as it were. These players ...

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