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Hand 2 Hand Combat -- Andrew Feldman

Feldman’s Feelings on Slow-Roll Slur

by Rebecca McAdam |  Published: Feb 01, 2010


This month’s cover star Andrew Feldman has been the subject of much debate ever since his rise to poker’s heady heights. A lot of the gossip can be boiled back to Feldman’s rocky relationship with fellow professional Luke Schwartz, and Schwartz’ opinions on the Full Tilt sponsored pro. Hence when something happens at the poker table to anger his opponents, he often finds that they refer back to Schwartz’ statements, confirming them as true, and painting the 22-year-old in a very bad light. On two occasions during his time on Full Tilt’s Late Night Poker, Feldman felt he was unfairly judged and treated, and without saying too much at the time, Feldman now speaks to Card Player about these two specific hands and his thinking behind them. Hand No. 1: Andrew Feldman: In my first heat with Marc Goodwin, I had about 5,000 chips, the blinds were 150-300, I look ...

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