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Media Frenzy: Poker’s Three-Ring Circus

by Jennifer Mason |  Published: Oct 01, 2009


Long after the forerunner Late Night Poker brought the game to a large number of people in the UK, new shows in new formats continue to pop up showcasing the talents of the first-generation televised stars of the game and the young players whose ascendancy to the limelight has come via the fertile learning ground of the Internet. The main ring in poker’s media circus is its televising: a huge amount of money and time goes in to putting poker playing — which at its core is a repetitive betting game reliant for success on positional and statistical information — into a format where every last bit of drama can be eked out in front of the cameras.  It helps when the sums of money on offer to the winners are astronomical by the standards of the recreational player. High Stakes Poker is probably the most watched and commented-on show around, ...

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