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To Bet or to Check?

by Daragh Thomas |  Published: Oct 01, 2009


When I first started playing, poker to me meant playing a low stakes tournament, usually in the Merrion Casino, now sadly defunct. As it was live I would have had somewhere between 10 and 20 blinds on average. I played once or twice a week for a year. Not surprisingly, given the conditions (which also included the skill level of the opposition, as well as the average stack), I learnt very little in this year. It was only when I started to play online did I begin to learn more than the basics. I remember when I first learnt that playing tight when most other people were playing loose and badly was enough to sustain a decent win rate. It was about this time that I discovered online poker forums, after a few months of playing a lot, and posting a lot on forums, that I became what I would ...

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