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Paddy’s Corner

by Padraig Parkinson |  Published: Oct 01, 2009


Bono Feeds the World? About 20 years ago, The Pink Elephant night club was a regular haunt of many Irish poker players. It was open late and for some reason or other, we used to get in for free. I was in there one night having a quiet gallon with Micky McGuinness (an apt surname) when a few lads on steroids asked us to move to make room for some special customers. We were about to tell them to fuck off but then we remembered that as we hadn’t paid in, we didn’t have too strong a case, so we complied with their not very polite request. It turned out that the special guests were Bono and the Edge so I assumed they hadn’t paid in either. We made a beeline for the bar, just in case Bono decided to lecture us. Sometimes playing tight is the play. A couple ...

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