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Four Tournament Truisms That Aren’t Always True

by George Mathias |  Published: Oct 25, 2017


Poker truisms are a dime a dozen: With pocket aces, you’ll either win a small pot or lose a big one. Never go broke in a limped pot. Play the player, not the cards. Over time, lines like these have become embedded in poker culture as conventional wisdom. The problem is that many of them are plainly false, not true in all situations, or too simple to convey anything insightful. As a result, they spread misinformation and flawed strategies. Well, folks, the jig is up—we’re out to debunk some of the most trumped up truisms in tournament poker. If you fear that you have been misled by age-old tournament ‘wisdom’, we’re here to set the strategy straight. 1. Never Call A Raise-First-In With Less Than 11 Big Blinds Let’s call this the 11 Big Blind (BB) Rule. There is a salient point being made here. When we don’t have many ...

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