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Talal Shakerchi: 'I Kept My Online Name Secret So Most Players Assumed I Was A Random Rec'

by Erik Fast | Published: Feb 05, '19

… . I played quite a bit online and quickly took to … a kid I played a little bit of poker, draw and stud, with my dad and … it was a five-day event and had a special air … a large number of players a real shot at a dream, and

Kahle Burns: How This Aussie Poker Player Went From Play Chips To High Rollers

by Tim Duckworth | Published: Jan 31, '19

and you might get a mark, or a fish will show up anda tournament result for a while and then to just rip a … game a bunch and played online a bit and started … and they don’t skip any levels. There’s no rake and a decent mix of amateur and elite …

Q&A: Andrew Neeme Talks About Creating Optimal Environment At The Poker Table

by Steve Schult | Published: Jan 22, '19

… there’s a beginning, middle, and end. Whereas in a cash … That and higher-stakes regs have come to realize this. And a reg losing to a rec can affect … further and have some streamers and vloggers and Instagrammers run a game? …

High-Stakes Poker Crusher Alex Foxen: “It’s Not Fun To Play Against Me”

by Sean Chaffin | Published: Jan 14, '19

… is serious about his game and a quick conversation reveals plenty of … -ended straight draw and a flush draw, and he had a set. I got … consistently win is definitely a lot different and a lot harder. I’d … on a pot. It’s [both] a detriment to me, and it’s a

Catching Up With The Dragon: David Pham On Why He Took A Break From Poker

by Julio Rodriguez | Published: Dec 26, '18

… . Just that month and a half of poker, and the rest of the … to relax. And also, my new wife had a business in Vietnam … a better balance between family life and the circuit. “I can play a … , Pham opened a coffee shop in Houston, and even hosts a weekly poker …

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Real Poker: Thinking about Thinking

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Feb 13, '19

… flopped the Q 9 7, delivering me a weak open-ender and a back … fill in a K-J holding, and that would cost me a lot … dead. And, because he was aggressive, a small bet might induce a raise from his drawing hands and maybe even as a bluff. And

A Costly River Check

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Feb 13, '19

… he misses and continues bluffing. That’s a lot … mostly marginal made hands and a few flushes. Notice the … opponent’s range (A Q, K Q, Q J, Q 10, Q 9), making … trigger when you run a bluff and the board … and podcast at, where you can get a

Short Deck Preflop Equities

by Kevin Haney |  Published: Feb 13, '19

a matchup versus A-Q suited will win 58 perent, lose 32 percent, and … in Short Deck; Q-Q is a 70:30 favorite over … well against a range of A-A, K-K, and A-K that … there are several limps and a ton of money in … 36 percent versus A-A and there is always a good deal …

This Week’s Big Winner: Dylan Linde Wins World Poker Tour Five Diamond World Poker Classic Main Event

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Jan 30, '19

Q. The dealer rolled out a board of A 9 2 A K, andA K 9 9 7, giving Linde a full house and … draw and overcards, Liu was a slight favorite … a full house and Skrbic some chop outs. The river was the A, however, and Skrbic was eliminated …

Basic Hand Reading

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Jan 30, '19

and both blinds called. The flop came Q J 4, giving me a … draws. I can discount hands Q-Q and 4-4 because he … representing a polarized range consisting of straights, sets, and draws. Since there are relatively few combinations of straights and a

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