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WATCH: Erik Seidel Suffers Brutal Bad Beat At World Series Of Poker

by Sean Chaffin | Published: Jun 07, '24

… wasn’t the only tough beat of the tournament. The hand … at the table after the bad luck. Even the dealer couldn’t help but feel bad. What a dramatic way to …

WATCH: Insane Four-Way Cooler At Texas Poker Room

by Sean Chaffin | Published: Apr 25, '24

… Baldwin and Cho seeing the bad news and not bothering to … up. It was a brutal beat for Ngo, who at least …

Montreal Casino Pays Out $1.8 Million Bad Beat Jackpot

by Card Player News Team | Published: Mar 26, '24

… become the home for monstrous bad beat jackpots over the last few … of a kind. However, a bad beat jackpot rewards the “loser” of … from each hand and the bad beat pool continues to build … Jackpot For Playground Seven-figure bad beat jackpots have become the norm …

Pittsburgh Poker Players Strike Gold In Massive Bad Beat Jackpot

by Sean Chaffin | Published: Nov 30, '23

… a record U.S. bad beat jackpot in 2022, Rivers … $905,622 jackpot. Casinos running bad beat jackpot promotions take a … and happily becoming a national bad beat jackpot hotspot,” Rivers general … a terrific job.” Just Latest Bad Beat Jackpot Score Green is …

Playground Poker Club Records Another Seven-Figure Bad Beat Jackpot

by Sean Chaffin | Published: Oct 13, '23

… this week after a massive bad beat jackpot paid off on Sunday … Hand For the uninitiated, a bad beat jackpot awards a cash game … from each hand and the bad beat pool continues to build until … the back up jackpot. Our Bad Beat Jackpot hit last night! The …

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GT-NO: Two Tournament ‘Toy’ Situations

by David Sklansky |  Published: Jun 26, '24

… that you are at a bad table that will soon be … chance do you need to beat the pusher to make it … Quiz: Rivering Top Pair

by Jonathan Little |  Published: May 29, '24

… . Three-betting is not a bad play, but considering the likely … opponent could still have you beat if they happened to play …

Amateur Bad Plays Plus Expert Bad Advice

by David Sklansky |  Published: May 15, '24

… out for him.) 3. A bad play that I see both … short stacks behind you. The bad advice from experts, especially one … bluff that you always beat. You also beat him the 56% of …

GT-NO: Game Theory Optimal 101 and 201

by David Sklansky |  Published: Apr 17, '24

… you are playing mediocre or bad opponents), there is no denying … or you definitely have him beat. When this is most likely … a hand you can’t beat, GTO usually insists that you …

Final Table Takedown: Nick Funaro Captures First Major Title

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Mar 20, '24

… trips to tournament stops. A bad downswing during the 2023 WSOP … tournament, you thought you were beat. NF: Yes. He was not …

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