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Buy-In: $11,426 + $428
Prize Pool: $5,580,759
Entrants: 479

PokerStars EPT Barcelona Main Event

  • Sep 04, '09 - Sep 09, '09


Updates on Final Day (Sep 09, 09)


From EPT Barcelona to London

The new EPT season, especially Barcelona, has given a hint at just how exciting the rest of the events are going to be. The quality of players was astounding and the field was filled with pros, almost down to the last day.

The new tournament structure has proven to be very popular among players, and it seems that it will also ensure increasingly more exhilarating final tables across European soil. However, it was North Carolina youngster Carter Phillips who resiliently battled a tough 479-strong field and came out €800,000 richer.

Join us next month in England for an assortment of exciting events as the EPT main event, side events, and High Roller, among many others, pull into London. We will be there for every bit of the action and will be bringing you all the news, interviews, and live reports along the way.


Carter Phillips is EPT Barcelona Champion (€850,000)

Carter PhillipsCarter Phillips bets 275,000 and Marc Goodwin calls.

The flop is KDiamond Suit 5Club Suit 4Heart Suit and Goodwin checks.

Phillips bets 310,000, Goodwin raises it to 1,160,000. It’s 850,000 for Phillips to call.

Phillips makes the call, and the turn is the QSpade Suit. Phillips checks, Goodwin bets all in for 4,295,000 and Phillips tanks.

He thinks for a good while and says, “It’s so sick that you’re flopping so well every time I flop!” He almost looks in pain, putting both hands on his head, and exhaling loudly.

The pot is worth 7,165,0000.

He eventually calls showing KClub Suit JSpade Suit, and Goodwin stands up throwing his cards face up: AClub Suit 10Spade Suit. Goodwin needs a jack for the straight or an ace for the better pair. However the turn is neither, just a 5, and Carter Phillips is the EPT Barcelona champion.

Phillips goes home €850,000 richer, while Goodwin takes home €530,000 for a fantastic runner-up finish.

Player Tags: Marc Goodwin,   Carter Phillips

Chip Update

Back from the break and the it’s level 30. The blinds are now 60,000-120,000.

It seems Marc Goodwin has stepped up his game a little or simply adjusted it to suit Phillips’ style. He’s now three-betting instead of just calling and the chip counts are:

Phillips: 8,705,000
Goodwin: 5,670,000


Phillips Ahead Once Again

Marc Goodwin bets 250,000 from the small blind and Carter Phillips raises 700,000. Goodwin calls.

The pot is now 1,400,000.

The flop falls KClub Suit 9Diamond Suit 8Heart Suit and both players check.

The river is the 6Club Suit, Goodwin checks, and Phillips bets 1,400,000 to take it right there.

The players are now having a quick break. Their chip counts are:

Phillips: 9,040,000
Goodwin: 5,335,000

Player Tags: Marc Goodwin,   Carter Phillips

Back to Square One

Carter PhillipsCarter Phillips bets 250,000 and Marc Goodwin calls. The board comes 10Club Suit 6Club Suit 4Diamond Suit and Phillips bets 275,000. Goodwin takes it up a notch by raising it to 975,000.

Phillips calls. The pot is now 2,450,000.

The turn is dealt the ASpade Suit and Goodwin moves all in. Phillips calls almost immediately and shows 6Heart Suit 2Heart Suit.

Goodwin shows 10Heart Suit 4Heart Suit for two pair. The river is the 8Club Suit and Goodwin takes down a tasty pot of 7,160,000.

Phillips now has 7,215,000 and Goodwin has 7,160,000.

Player Tags: Carter Phillips

Goodwin Needs a Hand

Marc GoodwinMarc Goodwin is on the button and bets 250,000. Carter Phillips in the big blind reraises 700,000. Goodwin calls. The flop is dealt KHeart Suit JSpade Suit 5Heart Suit and Phillips bets 875,000. Goodwin calls.

The pot is now 3,150,000.

The turn is the 3Club Suit. Both players check.

The river is dealt the KDiamond Suit and it’s checked down.

Carter shows pocket eights and Goodwin mucks.

Chip counts:

Goodwin: 3,580,000
Phillips: 10,795,000

Player Tags: Marc Goodwin

Phillips Leads The Way

Phillips just took slightly more than 2 million in chips off Marc Goodwin after his J-7 hit trips on the turn and river.

The chip counts are now:

Phillips: 9,695,000
Goodwin: 4,680,000


Phillips Makes a Nice Call

Carter Phillips raised to 250,000 preflop and Maarc Goodwin made the call. The flop was dealt JSpade Suit10Heart Suit9Diamond Suit and both players checked. The 10Club Suit fell on the turn and Goodwin bet 250,000. Phillips made the call and the river fell AHeart Suit. Goodwin bet 500,000 and Phillips made the call. Goodwin showed down KSpade Suit and Goodwin turned over 5Club Suit2Club Suit. Phillips won the hand to take back the lead.

Player Tags: Marc Goodwin,   Carter Phillips

PokerStars TV: Marc Goodwin

Watch EPT 6 Barcelona Day 5: Marc Goodwin on


Marc Goodwin Takes the Chip Lead

Marc GoodwinCarter Phillips raised to 250,000 preflop and Goodwin made the call. The flop was dealt KSpade SuitQSpade SuitJHeart Suit and both players checked. The 2Heart Suit fell on the turn and Goodwin checked, Phillips bet 275,000. Goodwin raised to 725,000 and Phillips then reraised to 1,775,000. Goodwin made the call and the river was dealt JClub Suit. Both players checked and Phillips mucked when Goodwin showed down K-9.

Player Tags: Marc Goodwin,   Carter Phillips
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