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European Poker Tour London Main Event -- Day 2

The Money is Reached on Day 2 of Main Event


Phil IveyOn day 2 of the PokerStars European Poker Tour London main event, 380 players from an original field of 848 returned to play down to the money. They would have to get rid of 252 players to get to the first payout of £7,500, but this would not take too long as bust outs came at a fast and furious pace.

The list of those who would not be continuing the hunt for the £900,000 top prize on day 3 included WSOPE heads-up event runner-up Jim Collopy, EPT San Remo runner-up Jakob Carlsson, Quinn Do, Fabrice Soulier, David Ulliott, 2010 double WSOP bracelet winner Frank Kassela, Card Player publisher Barry Shulman, Ben Roberts, Peter Jetten, Allen Cunningham, Jonathan Aguiar, Jeffrey Lisandro, Neil Channing, Freddy Deeb, Team PokerStars Pro players Jan Heitmann, Barry Greenstein, and Liv Boeree, and Team PokerStars SportStar Boris Becker.

Still in with a fighting chance however are Phil Ivey, who had an up-and-down day, ending up mid-pack with a healthy enough chip stack, Irish Open champ James Mitchell, Friend of PokerStars Teddy Sherringham, 2010 WSOP bracelet winner Chance Kornuth, John Juanda, and Team PokerStars Pro players JP Kelly, Daniel Negreanu, Greg Raymer, Noah Boeken, and Joe Hachem.

It was a good day for the Irish contingent with recent UKIPT winner Femi Fakinle fighting young German pro Benjamin Spindler for the top place of the leader board for much of the day. Fakinle moved down a few slots at end of play but is still a dangerous force to be reckoned with with so much play remaining. Online high stakes pro John O’Shea was also in the top 10 for much of the day but took a beating from David “Chino” Rheem when after both players found themselves all in preflop with O’Shea covering Rheem, the Irishman’s pocket nines were slaughtered by Rheem’s pocket eights as not one but two more eights appeared on the board. He’s still sitting pretty comfortably near the upper end of the leader board, as is 2008 EPT Barcelona runner-up Fintan Gavin. Bracelet holder Marty Smyth and Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth also made it through to day 3.

Here is the unofficial top 10 at end of play:

David Vamplew UK 1,000,000
Benny Spindler Germany 620,000
Stephen Levy United States 465,000
Thomas Bichon France Team PokerStars Pro 450,000
Jamie Brown UK PokerStars player 450,000
Femi Fakinle Ireland 445,000
Alex Kravchenko Russia Team PokerStars Pro 420,000
Juan Maceiras Spain Team PokerStars Pro 370,000
John O’Shea Ireland 305,000
Cherif Zacca France 300,000

Moments before the bubble, David Vamplew who already had a pretty huge stack had a nice end to his day by soaring into the lead with more than a million when he made a full house with pocket nines on a 9-2-2 flop versus Paul Kristofferson’s A-2.

Day 3 begins tomorrow at noon (4 a.m. PST) when 128 players will return to play down to 24, determining who gets what from the bottom and middle end of the payout list. Among side events tomorrow is a £100 + £10 + £10 buy-in, £100,000 guaranteed charity tournament which sees £10 from each buy-in go directly to Cancer Research UK. Players can donate funds directly by transferring chips at to user ID “CancerUK”. Stay with for more videos, live updates, and photographs as we continue our search for the 2010 EPT London main event champion.

Official Day 2 Chip Counts:

Name Country Status Chips
David Vamplew UK 1,130,400
Christopher Tighe UK PokerStars player 912,000
Steven Levy USA 640,300
Benjamin Spindler Germany PokerStars player 621,700
Tomas Macnamara UK 535,800
Alex Kravchenko Russia Team PokerStars Pro 527,400
John Hall United States  PokerStars player 513,900
Kenneth Hicks USA PokerStars qualifier 484,600
Jamie Brown United Kingdom  PokerStars player 457,900
Cherif Zacca France 413,400
Kevin Eyster USA PokerStars qualifier 397,300
Kayvan Payman Canada 396,499
Masaaki Kagawa Japan 379,000
Thomas Bichon France Team PokerStars Pro 373,000
Arnaud Mattern France Team PokerStars Pro 366,200
Rumit Somaiya UK PokerStars qualifier 364,400
Kevin Stani Norway  362,300
Peyman Luth Germany 338,000
Jason Dewitt United States  PokerStars qualifier 335,500
Gustavo Zito Italy 326,800
Henrik Tollefsen Norway  324,600
Jannick Wrang Denmark  PokerStars qualifier 313,300
Eric Haik France 303,700
Daniel Rudd UK 289,500
Phil Ivey USA 289,500
Pim De Goede Netherlands PokerStars qualifier 281,400
Allen Bari USA 281,300
Fernando Brito Portugal 276,400
Adolfo Vaeza Uruguay 276,100
Kyle Bowker USA 273,300
Barkatul Mohammed UK 273,000
John O’Shea Ireland 272,000
Pusztai Balint Hungary 265,800
Konstantin Bucherl Germany 254,800
Per Ummer Cyprus 254,600
Claudio Cecchi Italy 253,100
Eric Qu France 252,000
Jamie Burland UK UKIPT winner 245,900
Erik van Dijk Netherlands 238,800
Narendra Banwari USA 234,900
Jake Cody UK 231,000
Chance Kornuth USA 226,500
Robert Nulli Italy 220,400
Dominique Franchi France 218,000
Scott Palmer USA 215,000
John Juanda USA 210,300
Alex Gomes Brazil Team PokerStars Pro 210,100
Matt Perrins UK 210,000
Michel Abecassis France 203,800
Tony Cascarino Ireland 198,700
Max Steinberg USA 197,800
Artur Wasek Poland PokerStars qualifier 192,600
Joshua Tekesky USA 190,700
Robert Trevor Akery UK 190,300
Wayne Scott UK 188,100
Femi Fakinle Ireland UKIPT winner 185,700
Greg Raymer USA Team PokerStars Pro 185,100
Joe Hachem Australia  Team PokerStars Pro 180,000
Thomas Marchese USA 177,900
Klaus Pautrot France 172,100
Fintan Gavin Ireland  PokerStars player 170,000
David Steicke Australia 169,000
Patrick Carron USA PokerStars qualifier 165,100
Kimmo Kurko Finland 163,100
Gabriel Alarie Canada 160,900
Vanessa Yiping Peng USA 156,900
Teddy Sheringham UK Friend of PokerStars 153,400
Jason Wheeler USA PokerStars player 148,900
Marton Czuczor Hungary 148,500
Nicholas Katz UK 147,300
Jimmy Ostensson Swden 144,800
Joep van den Bijgaart Netherlands  Team PokerStars Pro 143,200
Mattias Lannermark Sweden PokerStars qualifier 142,100
Gordon Huntley UK 140,700
Keven Stammen USA 139,300
Kamal Choraria UK 137,300
Steve Jelinek UK 135,700
Eric Baldwin USA 134,400
Benjamin Vinson UK 134,300
Jason Gray Australia 133,900
Christian Harder USA 128,800
Juan Maceiras Spain Team PokerStars Pro 124,800
Marty Smyth Ireland 124,000
Lukas Baumer Germany 122,800
Danny Toffel UK 116,900
Yuriten Bokkel Netherlands 116,800
Jeff Sarwer Canada 116,400
Yury Esaulov Russia 111,500
Antonio Palma Portugal 111,000
Bruce Atkinson UK 103,700
Claire Renaut France 103,500
David Rheem USA 102,400
JP Kelly UK Team PokerStars Pro 101,200
Joel Nordkvist Sweden 100,400
Ramzi Jelassi Sweden 99,800
Hans Varsi Norway 99,300
Leo Fernandez Argentina  Team PokerStars Pro 98,000
Jude Ainsworth Ireland Team PokerStars Pro 97,100
Chad Brown USA Team PokerStars Pro 97,100
Christer Bjorin Sweden 95,000
John Dolan USA 93,600
Mikulik Taras Ukraine PokerStars player 92,300
George Abdallah USA 92,100
Noah Boeken Netherlands  Team PokerStars Pro 89,600
Luca Falaschi Italy 88,900
Emanuele Rugini Italy 88,900
Nikhil Persaud UK 85,400
Robin Keston UK 84,600
Waseem Ahmed UK 84,000
Ilya Gorodetskiy Russia 83,200
Martin Hansen Norway 82,700
Guillaume Rivet Canada  PokerStars player 80,700
Nicky Lee Evans UK 79,800
Salvatore Bonavena Italy Team PokerStars Pro 76,400
Tim Finne USA 68,800
Wojciech Jankiewicz Poland 68,600
Daniel Negreanu Canada Team PokerStars Pro 66,200
Christophe De Meulder Belgium  Team PokerStars Pro 65,300
Christophe Benzimra France 63,200
Allen Kessler USA 62,600
Nichlas Mattsson Sweden 61,700
Craig Hopkins UK PokerStars qualifier 53,300
Alain Roy France 48,300
Laurent Carbonnel France 47,100
Phillippe Ktorza France 42,000
Steffen Lameli Germany PokerStars qualifier 33,300
Tommy Westerlund Sweden 29,100
Eduardo Santi Argentina 20,600