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World Series of Poker Main Event Begins Today on ESPN

Day 1A of the 2010 Main Event Featured on ESPN


The RioOn July 5, 1,125 poker players took their seats to compete in day 1A of the 2010 World Series of Poker main event. Today, ESPN unveils the highlights of that day to the world.

Main-event coverage of the World Series of Poker is finally here. After a combined four weeks of coverage on the $50,000 Players Championship and the WSOP Tournament of Champions, ESPN will be airing Day 1 coverage for the next four consecutive Tuesdays.

One player who received quite a bit of coverage in ESPN’s first few episodes of the season and is guaranteed to receive much more is Michael Mizrachi, aka the Grinder.

After Mizrachi won the $50,000 Players Championship with ESPN’s cameras rolling, he sat down on day 1A and got off to a great start to the main event, improving his 30,000-in-chips starting stack to over 100,000 by the end of the day.


As most poker fans are well aware, Mizrachi would not squander that great start, taking those chips and steadily improving throughout the event to become the most recognized player remaining in this year’s November Nine.


The Grinder isn’t the only big name who competed on day 1A, however. Greg Raymer, Barry Shulman, Scott Seiver, Chino Rheem, John Hennigan, and Maria Ho all also decided to play in the first starting day of the world championship.

Major pros aren’t the only ones who will likely get ESPN airtime. Among the sea of amateurs were a few celebrities on day 1A, including comedian Ray Romano and the NBA’s Shawn Marion.

As the network will do for the next several weeks, ESPN will air two consecutive hours of coverage on that day’s play on Tuesday night, from 8-10 p.m.

For more information on the 2010 WSOP, check out’s news archives and Card Player TV for special videos from the Rio.



over 12 years ago

ESPN's coverage of the WSOP is a waste. I kinda miss the good ole days when they would actually televise some final tables of other events, even NON holdem versions. Its baffling that they can't wait until certain players make a final table in ANY event, and then decide to make it a tv final table. Durrr made final table, Hellmuth, etc. Two guys right there that would have drawn better ratings than anything else.


over 12 years ago

Although ESPN coverage can seem rather redundant and close minded. I.E. Only concentrating on pro filled final tables and only NLH events. ESPN is what breathes life into the poker world. Cardplayer and other magazines do a great job. But no other medium can popularize the world of poker such as TV. And being on national television is definitely why like 20% of the field buys-in in the first place. They know they won't make it down to the November Nine but maybe, just maybe the cameras will catch them bluffing Doyle Brunson and they'll feel like the greatest player of all time. Although it may not be a pristine form of coverage I feel Lon and Norman make up for any discrepancy. LOL


over 12 years ago

While ESPN has roving cameras that touch on other events that involve name players, centrifuging meaningful TV coverage of the entire WSOP down to three events is disappointing to fans who have been around a while.

2009's online coverage of events by ESPN 360 and Bluff was far better than this year's virtual noncoverage. Did they lose or not try to obtain sponsorship? It's not that expensive to put it up on a medium that's set up for such programming and since they already have the rights.