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'Wild Card Poker' Continues This Saturday's Calvin Ayre Is Host and Sponsor of the TV Show


The Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker tournament is now airing on FSN Saturdays at 11 p.m. The tournament is sponsored by

The episodes show professionals, celebrities, and online qualifiers battling it out for a spot in the final tournament, where $500,000 will be won. Once play determines which eight players will play at the final table, the "Wild Card" will be introduced.

The Wild Card player is someone who wasn't involved in the preliminary events, and producers hope his or her presence will throw a wrench into the most carefully laid poker plans of the other players.

Last week, an Internet qualifier named Bret Oliverio won his table and will advance to the finals. He faced Michael Mizrachi and actors Shannon Elizabeth and Jean Gluck. Oliverio said he breathed a sigh of relief when Mizrachi made an early exit.

The week before, Cheryl Hines, the actor of Curb Your Enthusiasm, won her table, outlasting Humberto Brenes, Erick Lindgren, and Vanessa Rousso. This weekend, guests are Josh Arieh, Lily Mizrachi, Josh Malina, Kelly Hu, and Jon Kelley.

The show was filmed at Ayre's Costa Rican home and he also acts as the host of the show. Check your local listings for show times.