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The Scoop -- Watch Part II with Ted Forrest on This Week's Episode

Forrest Discusses Prop Bet Payouts and an Interesting Hand During Round 2 with Adam and Diego


Ted Forrest talks about how prop bets are paid on the honor system on this week’s episode of The Scoop (sponsored by Full Tilt Poker) on Card Player TV.

Check out his interview with Diego Cordovez and Adam Schoenfeld on Card Player TV and you can get an inside look at one of the prop bets that the poker world was buzzing about all summer long.

The group also revisits Forrest’s opponent in the cash game with the highest stakes of all time, Andy Beal. Forrest recalls him as a hyper-aggressive player who preceded the aggression that is often seen online. The interview then turns to Forrest analyzing an interesting hand he played against notorious high-stakes gambler Archie Karas in a heads-up match. The conversation ends with Forrest talking about how he changes his poker strategy depending on the situation he is presented with at the time.

Watch part II of the Ted Forrest interview on this week’s episode of The Scoop below:

Ted Forrest on The SCOOP

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almost 11 years ago

I bet I can lose 10 lbs. before they fix this video. I may have to disappear for a while but I can do it...any takers?


almost 11 years ago

this video dont play either,,,,,, why fk with video's to start with, just put it all in print since it's obvious you dont what the hell you're doing! i can go to any of 12 or 15 other sites that i like to visit and never have a problem with a video year after year but you dum fks cant go 3 days without a screw up!