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World Series of Poker -- Getting To Know Your Day 4 Chip Leaders

Card Player Looks At Three Unfamiliar Faces Atop the Leader Board


The RioThere are some familiar faces and notable professionals sitting atop the leader board in the 2010 World Series of Poker main event, but a tournament of this magnitude is bound to have some complete unknowns, as well.

For the remainder of the main event, Card Player will take a look at a few of those newcomers each and every day until the November Nine are set.

Day 4 Chip Leaders

Paul KristoffersonPaul “sircall” Kristofferson

Rank: 14th
Chip Count: 583,700

Swedish pro Paul Kristofferson will be taking 583,700 in chips into day 4 and will start the day in 14th place overall. This is the 23-year-old’s second go at the WSOP main event after he was able to secure his seat through on online satellite on Full Tilt Poker. In 2008, he made the money, finishing in 289th place.

Kristofferson has been a professional poker player for four years playing online as “sircall.” In his short career, the young Swede has already racked up more than $300,000 in winnings.

Here, he recalls a big hand that gave him his stack.

“I had aces and flatted a four-bet to 42,000,” he said. “The flop came down J-10-2, and my opponent bet 55,000. I put him all in for about 100,000 more, and he didn’t waste anytime calling me with A-Q. It was pretty crazy for him to call me with a nothing but a gutshot-straight draw. That hand really gave me some chips to work with.”

Lou BarlowLou Barlow

Rank: 17th
Chip Count: 554,000

Lou Barlow is competing in his first WSOP main event, but he wouldn’t have played had he not won his seat online. No, the 45-year-old didn’t win a satellite. Instead, he entered an online contest at and was fortunate enough to come away with the $10,000 buy-in.

So far, the education consultant has made the most of it and enters day 4 17th in chips with 554,000. Barlow has two small cashes on his poker résumé from the 2006 and 2007 Scotty Nguyen Poker Challenge in his home state of Oklahoma, but would more than double his career earnings simply by min-cashing for a $19,263 payday.

Here, he recounts a key hand against Jon Van Fleet.

“He had me covered when I was sitting with about 270,000,” he recalled. “I decided to call a small raise with K-10 and the flop came down K-10-4, giving me top two pair. He bet, I raised, he reraised, and I just called. The turn was a queen, and I led for 60,000. He called, and the river was a 10, giving me a full house. I moved all in, and he called. That was by far the biggest hand of my tournament.”

Jeffrey RothsteinJeffrey Rothstein

Rank: 52nd
Chip Count: 450,700

Jeffrey Rothstein is one of the more interesting players remaining in the main event, having been one of the original players at the Mayfair Club in New York City alongside Erik Seidel and Dan Harrington.

The 62-year-old bought in directly and is making his 16th overall appearance in the main event. Though he is loaded with more than a healthy chip stack at this point in the tournament, it will be quite the accomplishment for him to improve upon his past finishes.

In 1988, Rothstein finished 10th in the main event, just missing out on the final table. In 1992, he finished in 18th place. Those cashes combined to earn him $22,600. Should he finish 10th this year, he’d pick up $635,011.

Rothstein has been an independent CPA for the past 35 years and plays tournament bridge in his spare time. Here’s a key hand from his tournament run.

“I started off day 2 with a quick double-up to 250,000 and then a few hands later, I flopped a set against a pair of aces and my opponent wasn’t able to get away from them. That’s pretty much how I got all of my chips.”