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World Series of Poker -- Dan Kelly Wins Event No. 52

21-Year-Old Wins One of Most Coveted Bracelets of the Year


Dan KellyAs online poker phenoms have proven themselves in the live arena, everybody likes to take their pick at the next up-and-coming, 21-year-old, online star to win a bracelet. Dan Kelly was one of the names prominently thrown around this year and on Saturday night, this 21-year-old proved he’s the real deal.

Kelly took down one of the most prestigious events at the
2010 World Series of Poker, the $25,000 six-handed no-limit hold’em event.

Kelly bested a final table full of young, internet groomed talent, along with the year’s only double bracelet winner. He netted himself $1,315,518 and his first career bracelet for the win.

Kelly went to the final table as the overwhelming chip leader and from the moment the first hand was dealt, it was apparent his plan was to put those chips to good use. The Potomac, Maryland native was constantly raising and putting his opponents in tough situations.

After eliminating Eugene Katchalov and Mikael Thuritz very early in the final table, Kelly seemed to just tread around the 6,000,000 chip count that he came to the table with. Shawn Buchanan took care of Jason Somerville and Frank Kassela, leaving the two young online superstars heads-up.

After a few pots that went Kelly’s way in the heads-up battle, one of the most dramatic hands of this year’s series took place. There were a flurry of raises preflop which led to Buchanan calling off the last of his chips and showing pocket jacks against Kelly’s A-10.

The flop and turn were safe for Buchanan, but Kelly rivered an ace to take the title and the prize money.

Kelly plays as “djk123” online and before his victory, was already very well-known throughout the poker community. Just a few hours after the final hand was dealt, online player Nick Phillips tweeted “I’d say that djk is a sicko, but that goes unsaid.” Kelly had already amassed millions in tournament earnings, and now has a grand total of $3,983,036 to his name.

Kelly also cemented his place in the “Brunson 10” after the win. There was a competition between David Sands, Faraz Jaka, Michael Martin, and Kelly during this year’s WSOP to see who would be the next addition to the team of online superstars. Kelly is officially the newest member of that team.

Here are the final table results:

1. Dan Kelly – $1,315,518
2. Shawn Buchanan – $812,941
3. Frank Kassela – $556,053
4. Jason Somerville – $386,125
5. Mikael Thuritz – $272,084
6. Eugene Katchalov – $194,559

Here are a look at the elimination hands as seen on’s live updates.

Eugene KatchalovEugene Katchalov Eliminated in Sixth Place ($194,559)

Dan Kelly raised to 100,000 from the button and Eugene Katchalov moved all-in from the small blind. Kelly made the call and the cards were turned up.

It was a classic race situation when Kelly showed his 6Club Suit6Diamond Suit against Kathalov’s QDiamond SuitJSpade Suit. The flop was QHeart Suit4Club Suit3Spade Suit, giving Kelly the best hand.

The JHeart Suit on the turn kept Kelly in the lead and the 4Spade Suit on the river sealed the hand for Kelly and eliminated Katchalov. Kelly is now up over 6,000,000.

Mikael ThuritzMikael Thuritz Eliminated in Fifth Place ($272,084)

Dan Kelly raised to 125,000 under-the-gun and Mikael Thuritz called on the button and Jason Somerville called from the big blind.

The flop came out 9Club SuitJHeart Suit4Heart Suit and Somerville and Kelly checked. Thuritz took this opportunity to bet 220,000. Somerville released quickly, but after some thought and neck rolls, Kelly raised to 600,000. Thuritz quickly moved all-in and Kelly called just as quickly.

Kelly showed 5Heart Suit6Heart Suit, giving him a flush draw and Thuritz was ahead with ASpade SuitJSpade Suit.

The 7Spade Suit fell on the turn, giving Kelly a straight draw along with his flush draw, and the 8Heart Suit on the river completed both of those draws, giving Kelly the pot and is up to 7,500,000 in chips.

Jason SomervilleJason Somerville Eliminated in Fourth Place ($386,125)

Frank Kassela raised to 140,000 and Jason Somerville moved all-in for 1,100,000. Dan Kelly folded, and Shawn Buchanan thought for a while before moving all-in over the top. Kassela got out of the way and Buchanan turned over ADiamond SuitAClub Suit.

Somerville was in bad shape when he showed ASpade SuitJHeart Suit. The flop came KClub Suit5Club Suit4Diamond Suit and when the 5Heart Suit came on the turn, Somerville was officially drawing dead.

Somerville headed for the exits and Buchanan is up to 3,900,000.

Frank KasselaFrank Kassela Eliminated in Third Place ($556,053)

Shawn Buchanan completed the small blind and Frank Kassela checked the big blind. The flop came QDiamond Suit4Club Suit3Heart Suit and Buchanan check-raised Kassela’s 80,000 bet to 260,000. Kassela then made it 710,000 and Buchanan tossed in a call.

The turn was the 10Diamond Suit and Buchanan checked again. Kassela bet 1,000,000 and Buchanan moved all-in. Kassela made the call and the cards were turned up.

Buchanan showed 5Heart Suit6Club Suit, giving him an open-ended straight draw and Kassela showed QClub Suit3Diamond Suit, giving him two pair. Kassela sprung back in his chair when he saw Buchanan’s hand and was even more shocked when the 2Spade Suit hit the river to give Buchanan his straight.

Buchanan is now heads-up with Dan Kelly with a slight chip lead for the bracelet and the first place money.

Shawn BuchananShawn Buchanan Eliminated in Second Place ($812,941), Dan Kelly Wins Event No. 52 ($1,315,581)

After a few relatively small pots that went Dan Kelly’s way, Kelly had amassed a small chip lead heads-up

Dan Kelly raised to 200,000 from the button and Shawn Buchanan three-bet to 650,000 from the big blind. Kelly four-bet to 1,425,000 and Buchanan moved all-in after asking Kelly how much he had behind. Kelly made the call and turned over AClub Suit10Diamond Suit and Buchanan held JSpade SuitJDiamond Suit.

The flop came 6Spade Suit4Spade Suit3Diamond Suit, keeping Buchanan in the lead. The turn was the 5Heart Suit and Kelly gained some outs for a chop. He did better than a chop as the ADiamond Suit hit the river and Kelly was able to take the whole pot and the title, along with $1,315,581.

Buchanan made his largest career cash with his second place finish with his $812,941 second place parting gift.



almost 11 years ago

I'm sure djk123 is an awesome player and the final hand was pretty standard however the slant of the story doesn't give Shawn B enough credit. He has djk123 practically all in as a 70/30 favorite and gets unlucky. So Shawn B CONGRATS! on another awesome tournament well played!


almost 11 years ago

Really daddy. I was watching live on and Kassella was berating the Cannon for his play on that hand. It is a terrible shove on his part with Kassella playing the hand so strong and clearly pot committed at that point with well over 1/2 his stack already committed. Clearly worked out well for him and you could tell that he wanted to get HU vs DJK with how lite we was willing to stick it in. But having watched the FT live its a bit easier to see just how much he was splashing.


almost 11 years ago

Man, jacks more often than not are trouble.....